Match Preview: Wales v Germany

Dear God,

given that we are missing Ballack, Borowski, Frings, Kehl, Lahm, Janssen, Podolski and probably a few others whom I can’t think of right now, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to just give us a draw tonight.

If you do so, I promise to visit a church of my choice to light a candle for a cause of your choice – provided it’s not some fascist crap.

However, given that it might be possible to achieve a draw without your help, I need some sign that it was really you who did it. Economists call it signaling, I call it have a few thousand frogs rain down on the pitch after the match.

Did you get the part where it says „after“? Good.


Update 12/09/07: During the match I thought, boy, God is really outdoing himself, like when he did that earth creation thing. But did you see even a single frog? Nor me.

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