"Don't Throw Your Vote away"

When elections are coming up here in Germany, it is not unusual for political figures to urge people to vote. With local elections scheduled for February 24th, the government has decided to go one up and start an actual advertising campaign sending out that message. I don't just think it's a waste of taxpayer money, it's actually hurtful: I don't want my government to be decided on by people who can't be bothered to vote unless the government tells them to.

I'm sure Bryan Caplan would agree.

P.S.: If you brought this girl home, your mother'd be delighted.


Bill said...

IMO people "don't bother" to vote because they may feel that they really have no voice, and that no matter who get elected things will not change much from the "status quo" that has existed for so many years in American Government. Robert D. Putnam, in his Best Seller "Bowling Alone"...provides one of the best documented accounts of the decline of citizen involvement in every aspect of local, state and federal government, civic duty and much more. While you can imagine that people should do their "duty" as citizens, you fall short of addressing the real reasons "why" they don't vote. I would say that America is not the only country that has documented a decline in voting.


LemmusLemmus said...


I've read Bowling Alone. I don't "fall short" of addressing why so few people vote; that just was not the post's point. The point of the post was that few people voting isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Bill said...


I will admit I should read to understand. Give me some time and I will learn better how to interpret your posts.

Thanks for the comment