Am I the World's Most Boring Person?

I'm envious of a friend of mine who always has these exciting dreams, like about being raped by Jeffrey Dahmer. Compare and contrast with a typical dream of mine (from last night):

I had to go to the station to catch a train. I was half an hour early, so I decided to go into the McDonald's to grab a burger. But although they had the golden arches on their windows, it wasn't a typical McDonald's: No silly uniforms, etc. The woman behind the counter complained about only having opened three minutes ago, so things would be going slow. And boy, they did! The elderly couple behind me complained. After five minutes or so, the person at the front of the line still hadn't been served, so I left, somewhat angry.

And then I woke up.

Thrilling stuff, eh? If everybody was like me, Freud would never have made a career.

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Sarah said...

I'm actually looking for "The Most Boring Person In The World"....genuinely, I am on a serious mission to find the most boring person alive. If you think you can help me or want to nominate someone let me know:

I would really appreciate any help! Thanks in advance.