Guess the Book

"J.D. Salinger went into hiding because he was embarrassed.”

“I guess if you were interested in crazy people this is the book for you.”

“Here’s the first half of the book: ‘We had dinner and a few drinks. We went to a cafe and talked and had some drinks. We ate dinner and had a few drinks. Dinner. Drinks. More dinner. More drinks. We took a cab here (or there) in Paris and had some drinks, and maybe we danced and flirted and talked sh*t about somebody. More dinner. More drinks. I love you, I hate you, maybe you should come up to my room, no you can’t’… I flipped through the second half of the book a day or two later and saw the words ‘dinner’ and ‘drinks’ on nearly every page and figured it wasn’t worth the risk.”

"It is the only book I can think of where the reader deserves more credit for finishing it than the author."
This is from Matthew Baldwin's two compilations of one-star reviews on Amazon. Go there for the correct answers.


Bill said...

The critiques are hilarious. Thanks for posting!

LemmusLemmus said...

Very welcome, but the thanks should go to Matthew Baldwin (linked to above) who dug up these quotes. I only copied and pasted them.