The Shop of the Rising Sun

Libertarians complain, I deliver (# 1 in a series of one): Arnold Kling recently opined that folk songs' lyrics are much too collectivist. So, why not write some new ones for "The House of the Rising Sun"?

There is a shop in New Orleans
That I’ve just bought for me
I’m selling super products
Let’s hope consumers agree

I’m gonna hire people:
Poor mother and her son
But not because I’m bleeding-heart
But ‘cause work needs to be done

I’ll benefit consumers
I’ll benefit them so
Like baker, butcher, brewer
I only want their dough

Once I’ve made lots of money
I’m gonna get me stoned
You say that isn’t healthy
Would you leave me alone?

I’m gonna buy me prostitutes
All female ‘cause I’m straight
We’re all consenting adults
No need to regulate

(Repeat first stanza)
That's pretty much the whole ideology in a nutshell. So, if you've read this post, there's no need anymore to read Milton Friedman.

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