If I Were an American Anti-Immigrationist...

I'm neither, but if I were, here's what I'd say, as Ray Charles might have put it:
What's all this talk among my fellow anti-immigrationists about bulding a wall on the US-Mexican border? True, the GDR showed conclusively that you can build and survey a wall that keeps people from crossing the border if your heart's really in it, but a wall at our border with Mexico would cost billions and be ineffective. Mexicans would just get tourist visas and "disappear" once they're in or go to Canada and enter from there - do you also want to build a wall at the Canadian border (which is much longer)?

I propose to reduce demand rather than supply. My two-point plan:

1. Hike up the punishments for businesses and private households who hire illegals.

2. Control regularly.

Given that decisions on hiring labor are rarely made impulsively, this should take care of the only motivation most illegals have to come here: Making money.

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