The Future of Terrorism

Get this:

The party isn't over in California for helium-filled mylar balloons.

Even as a proposal to ban the sale of the glittery globes ran out of air last week in the state Senate, where it fell five votes short of passing, some proponents continue to work to get legislation reintroduced.

They say the legislation is needed to yank the party favors that end up tangled in electricity lines and cost businesses big bucks.
The California electric system doesn't seem to be one of the more stable ones:

The City of Burbank said one out of 8 power outages is caused by the party favors drifting into power lines, and after weather and equipment failures, balloons account for the majority of service interruptions.
There is an image in my mind that just won't go away: Young men, apparently of Arab descent, walking through California, a Koran in one hand, a balloon that says I Love You in the other.


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