Multitasking: A Post Leading from a Policy Proposal to a Question about Morals

Today is the 8th of May. 63 years ago today Germany declared defeat.

In Germany, we have quite a few public holidays. There is Labour Day (Mayday). There is Reunification Day. And then there are all kinds of Christian nonsense. It is not as though I want another day off work, but why on earth is May 8th, the day we got rid of the Nazis, arguably the happiest day in German history, not a public holiday? It would seem there's something to celebrate.

Oh, here's a hint: Just yesterday I was walking the street when I passed a bench on which an old lady sat and talked to someone else. A familiar jingle reached my ears: "... Under Hitler this [presumably some crime] would not have happened. Hitler was strict..."

What do you say? Is it o.k. to punch old ladies in the face under some circumstances?

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