Stereotype Accuracy, a Continuing Series

English people tend to think that Germans lack humour, and we Germans are well aware of that view. I used to think that's an unfair stereotype - until I went to England. There, humour is more of a part of everyday culture. In particular, German stand-up comedians are much less funny than their English counterparts. (If you want to ruin your evening, go and see a German stand-up comedian's show.)

A true story:

When I was in England, I saw a stand-up comedian on the telly. (I don't remember his name.) Here's roughly what he said:

O.k., so I jumped out of the airplane and I pulled and pulled, but the parachute just wouldn't open. I was about seven miles above the ground, travelling maybe at fifty miles an hour, so I thought, if I can't open this parachute within a minute, I'm gonna hit the ground and I'll be dead...
... and then he broke off for a few seconds. I thought, "Wait a minute, if he's travelling at fifty miles per hour, and he's seven miles above the ground..."

... upon which he said, "Well, if you were German, you'd now be doing the maths on this." Which was a big laugh.


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Troy Camplin said...

If it's any consolation, your joke-within-a-joke is even funnier than the original joke.