Contest! Contest! Predict the Top Ten!

If you've been following this blog for longer than three days, you know that I'm in the process of blogging my 40 favourite alternative rock songs, 1976-2000. Places 40-21 are here, places 20-11 here. I thought you might like a little fun and try to predict what the top ten are going to be.


1. There are no solo artists, only bands.

2. Seven of the bands are from the US, two from Germany, and, surprisingly, only one from the UK.

3. Eight of the songs are from the 90s, one from the 80s and one from the 70s.

4. Well, I've already said that Weezer's "Only in Dreams" would be on the list, and it hasn't come up yet, has it? Wink, wink.

5. I've also already given away that Echo and the Bunnymen are not going to be on the list.

6. The band that tops the list was already mentioned in an earlier post in this series.

7. One of the songs on the list once was no. 1 in Greece.

8. It's pretty much the usual suspects.

9. Remember, there's only one song per band, so any band that has already come up is out.

One point for the right band, five points for the right song. Anyone?


pj said...

Since you've included the Undertones I shall have to hunt you down and kill you if you fail to include Stiff Little Fingers and something off Inflammable Material (IMHO the best punk album ever).

pj said...

On a more serious note, surely the Pixies have to be in there, and I'd make a case for the Smiths as your UK band, since they haven't appeared yet. Songs, hmm, they both have too many good ones, I'm plumping for "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out", and while my favourite Pixies song is the slow version of "Wave of Mutilation" I think "Monkey Gone to Heaven"

pj said...

Weezer #2.

pj said...

Final guess, perhaps something predictable like Sonic Youth (not a fan myself, although I do like 'Teen Age Riot'), maybe something a bit leftfield like Rage Against the Machine?

LemmusLemmus said...

Was including the Undertones a good or a bad thing? Or do you mean to say that the Stiff Little Fingers are sort of a better version of them? That would seem rather far-fetched to me.

pj said...

[My reference to the Undertones is that punk counts as Alternative Rock in your list, and while the Undertones are good, I prefer the SLF]

While the Undertones may be the better band I think 'Inflammable Material' is the perfect punk album and I'd also argue that 'Alternative Ulster' is better than 'Teenage Kicks' because it is more angry and less poppy which better fits with what I'm looking for in punk. But of course that's a question of taste, it seems Bono agrees with me and that rather undermines my argument.

LemmusLemmus said...

I wouldn't even call the Undertones punk. (Here we go again...) In fact, I was wondering whether "Teenage Kicks" is "alternative" enough to be included on the list.