The Essence of Life

Heh! Good title! Here it comes:

1. Making inferences on the basis of information which is always imperfect.

2. Making trade-offs.

As far as I'm concerned, that's it.


John Althouse Cohen said...

Now that's concision!

I linked it at the end of this post.

Troy Camplin said...

That does pretty much boil it down. All social problems come from ignoring that 1 is a fact, thinking that you can in fact have perfect information (here's the irony: according to information theory, perfect information = zero information).

LemmusLemmus said...


thanks for the warm words and the link.


I wish these two points would feature much more in political, and maybe other, discourse. However, saying that all social problems can be traced back to point 1 seems to be a bit too radical for me.

Being completely ignorant about information theory, your point about perfect infromation = zero information seems rather paradoxical to me.