I recently blogged about how on the Internet there are some comments I would prefer not to see. One of my favourite blogs, Marginal Revolution, has had a bit of a hiccup recently. If you want to leave a comment, you must fill in a name and an e-mail adress, and you can enter your website's URL. It has a box which says "Remember personal info?", but you can check that box all you like; it won't. (It used to work before.)

I have found that I leave a lot less comments. And I wonder whether this does not disproportionately dissuade people from leaving the kinds of comments I complained about earlier. Maybe "Remember personal info" is a bad idea in the first place.

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J Thomas said...

If only the micropayment thing worked out.

If you had to pay five cents to leave a comment, most people wouldn't comment unless they had something to say.

Even if it only cost two cents.

And they might read blogs that required payment to comment more than blogs that didn't, if the comments were usually a lot better.

Some ways a blog with paying comments couldn't compete with a blog with free comments. But there are blogs with comments disabled that get a lot of traffic.