The German Band (or Solo Artist) You Ought to Know, Vol. 4: Kettcar

Kettcar are not actually one of my favourite bands, but "Landungsbr├╝cken raus" is certainly a classic. I saw the video for the first time while doing, ahem, research for this post, and I really love it. The problem is that both versions I could find on YouTube stop just before the song reaches its climax. Huh? Is this the single version, or what? Very regrettable.

Why is the video great? A few insufficient answers:

1. There's an incredibly good-looking woman in it. You can see her only for about a second, but that's good enough for me.

2. Having said that, each and every person in the video is beautiful in his or her own way. By beautiful I don't mean "That person could be on the cover of Vogue", but rather, "I could see myself moving in with that person".

3. The cinematography. If this were a movie, whoever did that should have got an Oscar. Beautiful, beautiful colours.

4. Perfectly sums up everything there is to love about Hamburg.

5. I've been owing one of the band members a tenner for years, so I have a moral obligation to like this.

I promise the next post will not have a numbered list in it. Bullet points, maybe.

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