Pebbles, Vol. 9

1. Failed predictions about the future, here and here. Not sure all of these are genuine; entertaining nonetheless.

2. Do you know a statistician? Are you looking for a birthday present? You may want to go here. (Pointer)

3. The five most needlessly complex terror plots in film history

4. The Daily Mail headline generator (Pointer)

5. The world's flags rated. My favourite is North Korea. Libya's has a certain naive charm. (Pointer) Bonus: The US states' flags. If you want to go on a trip but can't afford LSD, try Maryland's.

6. Great interviews of the 20th century. I haven't read or listened to all of them, but among other things, there is a link to the famous John Lennon interview with the Rolling Stone. A very valuable resource if you want to convey to your children that taking lots of drugs is no good for your brain. At one point, he can't remember wheter the Beatles recorded Rubber Soul or Revolver first. Dear, dear. Much better to look at Maryland's flag!

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