The German Band (or Solo Artist) You Ought to Know, Vol. 10: Tocotronic

Something special for Vol. 10: Tocotronic.

I still remember listening to their first album, Digital ist besser, in the record store after reading a review. I bought the album and walked home in the sunshine. The music was playing in my head and I was glad to be alive.

So, let's kick this installment off with something catchy, "Jackpot". I can't embed it, so go here to watch the rather stylish video.

Same problem with the nicely simple rock song "Die Welt kann mich nicht mehr verstehen". The clip is here. I daresay the budget can't have been too high.

You'll also have to click to see the obviously-inspired-by-Neil-Young "Sie wollen uns erzählen". Here. I like the anti-cool attitude conveyed in the video.

As a bonus, Console's remix (or, more appropriately, re-recording) of "Freiburg":

Hope you enjoy it!

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