I Am Cool!

Don't take my word for it, take my 15-year-old niece's word for it. She writes (my clumsy translation):
But what I'd like to thank you for most is that you are such a cool uncle! As you know, we hadn't seen each other before in a long time and at grandpa's birthday I was really happy that you were there. With you it was at worst half as boooring as it otherwise would have been :-)
It is sooo easy for people under twenty to make people over thirty happy.

Also, she sent along a short poem of hers - and it was in English! Not only that, but there were three words in it that I didn't know!

In retrospect, I shouldn't be too surprised. Her mother taught her English from a very early age (seven?) onwards - not because she's one of those super-ambitious mothers, but because the kid wanted to learn it. I think I know the reason for that: When she was even younger but could already speak and understand German, we used to use English when she was around and there was something we wanted to say that she wasn't supposed to understand.

If you're looking for a way to motivate your child to learn a foreign language, this may be the one.

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