Linguistics Factoids

It occured to me a few days ago that there is no decent equivalent of the English noun "the top" in the German language. There are some good translations for specific contexts (e.g., if we're talking mountains, you can say "die Spitze", the more direct translation for which would be "the peak"), but no simple, general translation for "the top". (Here is one list of translations.) So you have to resort to something like "der obere Teil" - literally "the upper part".

That's weird because it's a rather handy word for a common aspect of reality; you should think that such a word would have evolved. What really bothers me, though, is that there is no German equivalent of the term "fair enough". The same dictionary linked to above gives "na gut" and "na schön", but these will not work most of the time. With a friend who I know understands it, I use the English expression, but you can't do this with most people as (in my exprience) it's not an expression that is taught in school (probably for the very reason that you can't translate it). Also, using too many English expressions in a German context is frowned upon, including by me. Next thing you know, people will think I'm in advertising.

It is rather weird to have a concept appear in your head so often that you can't express in your native language.

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