Co-Blogging NaNoReMo 2008: Lolita

Matthew Baldwin has an annual feature at his blog called National Novel Reading Month. The idea is that he reads a novel considered a classic, blogs about it (in installments) and readers read along and either comment on his site or post their ideas on their own blog. I will do the latter.

This time around it's Lolita. I've already read it, but only once. This is surprising because the first time around I instantly considered it a masterpiece - so this is a welcome occasion to do it again. Being an I-narration, it contains possibly the most elegant prose in English I've ever read, which nicely contrasts with the despicability of the narrator. It is short and accessible. It is better than the movie.

In other words, this is an invitation to go along. You should be able to get the book in most public and university libraries. However, this announcement is a bit late; Matthew's first installment is due today. Which means that I have some catching up to do, as will you if you choose to participate. If you think the schedule's too tight for you, read the book anyway; it's a treat.

I hope to have my first installment online by Sunday and I'd be delighted to read your views either here, at Matthew's site or on your own blog.

I guess this makes this InNoReMo.

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