A few months ago, we had an amusing conversation about musical genres' names in general and the term "emocore" in particular (see sec. 1 and comments). A bit later came the following dialogue with my fifteen-year-old niece:

Uncle: ...then you might have heard of emocore.

Niece: Yes, yes! Emocore.

Uncle: You probably know Dinosaur jr. then?

Niece: Um, no.

Uncle: They were the big emocore heroes in the nineties.

Niece: Well, that might have something to do with my having been born in 1993.

Uncle: Good point. What's emocore to you, then? Billy Talent?

Niece: No! That's screamcore!

Uncle: Never heard of that one. What is it?

Niece: Um, it's basically like emocore, only with screaming.

So now you know.


Political Scientist said...

Welcome back, LemmusLemmus!

LemmusLemmus said...

Thank you, good to be back.