My Forthcoming Masterpiece in Occupational Sociology (Abstract)

On the Sidelines: Anti-Caucasian Discrimination in the NBA, 1985-1999

Scholars studying occupational attainment have so far focused on discrimination against women and minorities, overlooking discrimination against Caucasian males. The present study addresses this gap in the literature by analyzing the attainment of Caucasian males in the NBA, the USA’s top basketball league. We find that athletes of Caucasian descent are vastly underrepresented in NBA teams.This finding, which proves discrimination, is discussed in the context of “glass ceiling” and “leaky pipeline” concepts; particular emphasis is put on the explanatory value of the “white boys can’t jump” stereotype. A special illustrated section is devoted to pointing out how this finding undermines the theory of discrimination proposed by Gary Becker, who never should have been given the Nobel Prize in the first place.
Phew, it’s good I included the last sentence in this post.

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