Around the Blogs, Vol. 12

1.Do you like cut-throat competitions? I have an idea for an award: The U.K. tabloid's most morally questionable front-page headline. Andrew Rilstone has a candidate for the 2009 award.

2. Belegt: Die deutsche Presse schreibt geschlossen bei Wikipedia ab (Kommentar).

3. What do you do when your research findings are really boring? You misstate what was to be expected, conclude that your findings are counterintuitive and thus write a truly awful abstract.

4. This is so 2003 - but still funny.

5. What do aggregations of movie reviews and reports of trials of treatments have in common? The short boring answer is that in both cases standard deviations are interesting, a longer, more interesting answer is provided by Seth Roberts. Earlier related posts of mine are here and here.

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