Twitter: It's Worse Than You Think

I remember being extremely surprised when I once learned that large chunks of secret services' personnel do nothing but read the papers every day. I rembered that when I read an interview with Gregory Cochran who predicted a lot of things about the Iraq war correctly and explained:
I read the papers and I remember most of what I read. And I've read two or three general histories about the Arabs and the Ottoman Empire[...].

This means that I know a lot more than the average political player, certainly.
Now the Freakonomics blog reports:
[We learned about the dangers of Twitter a] few weeks ago in Congressional Quarterly, which reported that Rep. Peter Hoekstra, Michigan Republican and ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, regularly Twittered details of his congressional delegation’s visit to Iraq, details that were supposed to be kept secret.
The link in the quote was dead when I tried it, but until I see good reasons not to, I'm going to believe this.

Seems secret services need to hire a few extra people.

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