Do You Believe in Magic?

A while ago my toilet tank was almost constantly running. It was but a very narrow stream of water that was emerging most of the time, but waste nonetheless. It took me much too long to call in a plumber; when I did, he fixed it in next to no time (and at no cost, as I rent).

Lately I have involuntarily been in the vicinity of someone we'll call Person for nonnegligible portions of the day. To give you an impression of what a close encounter of the third kind with Person is like:
put earplugs in my ears and listen to hip hop even before I have open my eyesevenbefore every morning I likehip hop ooooo I'm sobored boooring look at the weatherreallygood innit I watched TVlast night there was this bloke he showed his muscles oooo he was so sexy oh was he sexy ever heard of Ecofresh haveyou no ooooh I'm sobored doyoulike Germany's Next Top Model do you no I like hiphop
Yesterday I noticed that my toilet tank is constantly running again.


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