Around the Blogs, Vol. 16

1. "The public does not want libertarianism. Which means that the public does not want a system that respects fundamental rights. So much the worse for the public, the thinking tends to go." A while back, I offered a bit of a rant about libertarian disdain for results of the democratic process. Will Wilkinson, who obviously has read much more political philosophy than I have and may be the world's most levelheaded libertarian, submits some thoughts on the same.

2. "Nikolaus Kriegeskorte and colleagues analysed all the fMRI studies published in Nature, Science, Nature Neuroscience, Neuron and Journal of Neuroscience, in 2008, and found that 42 per cent of these 134 papers were guilty of performing at least one non-independent selective analysis." More on debatable techniques to obtain impressive correlations in neuroscience.

3. "You are all going to die! [...] Oooh Lordy Lord." Best ad ever? (Great post title, too!)

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