Cognitive Dissonance in Action

You've probably heard it said that if someone has a drug problem, you can't help him or her - it's always those people themselves who have to want to do something about the problem.

I'm not buying it. Sure, absent the use of pure brute force no person's drug issue will be resolved against his/her will. But as you may have noticed, people are subject to social influences - a kick in the butt or even a vague suggestion will sometimes have quite an effect. And I don't think that of all people those with drug issues are particularly uninfluencable (great word!).

Thing is, unless your psychological makeup is unusual, it's going to be uncomfortable having a conversation about these things with someone close to you. Chances are you'll get an aggressive response, maybe especially if your concern is fully justified.

How handy to have an excuse at hand not to do it.

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