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Wikipedia informs us:

Kremlin is a board game parody of Soviet government.


Each player controls a number of "politician cards" depicting caricatures of Soviet politicians. These are arranged in a pyramid on the game board, representing a hierarchy of power. Players promote, demote and exile these politicians in order to maneuver their own politicians to the top of the pyramid. Each turn, the Party Chief "waves" from the rostrum during a parade in Red Square. If a player's politician waves three years (non-consecutive), that player wins. Additionally, politicians age and each year there is a chance they will die. If no player is able to wave three times, the player with the highest ranking politician wins at the end of the health phase of the 11th turn.

Tyler Cowen reports:

Yesterday I tried to play Kremlin with [colleagues] but I had to give up after thirty minutes. My head hurt and I was not motivated to impose interesting structure on the game as a life activity. I'm still looking for a simple model of my failure. One hypothesis is that anyone who deals with university administration, as I sometimes do, will have no marginal taste for playing Kremlin.

Have a great weekend, everybody! I'll watch Magnolia now. Haven't seen it since it hit the big screen and am pretty excited. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

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