Around the Blogs, Vol. 22: Resarch & Teaching Edition

Could other bloggers please stop producing so much quality work? This is the third Around the Blogs post in less than a fortnight, and my folder isn't empty yet. Geez!

1. "[O]ne of the panel members told me that smoking tobacco through a hookah is something like 10 times worse than smoking a cigarette. [...] Then this guy across the table from me spoke up and said that he knew somebody who was 80 years old, had been smoking with a hookah all his life and was none the worse from it." Andrew Gelman fondly recalls his time as a member of an NIH grant review panel.

2. How to do self-experimentation: Seth Roberts' textpost.

3. Sociologist Fabio Rojas provides a short history/taxonomy of economics. A related post of mine is here.

4. Political scientist Henry Farrell has his own take on sociology and economics/rational choice: "[A] lot of ink, pixels and time and attention could be saved if only a bunch of senior sociologists came together, articulated the Standard Eight Point Critique of Rational Choice and All Its Ways, and agreed by fiat that all future articles could incorporate this critique via citation." Indeed.

5. "Great Moments in Course Evaluations", from Jeremy Freese. The only problem I have with this post is that the title is misleading: It features only one great moment in course evaluations. Really, shouldn't there be one central blog where people can send in the best of their evaluations, just like there is a blog where you can send your photos of the misuse modern use of quotation marks (thanks, anon)? Somebody else please set it up!

(Pointer for #4 from Tyler Cowen)

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