I Bet Somebody Else Thought of This before

You know how to postmodernists everything is text? Marriages? Text! Politics? Text! Physics? Text! And after having decided that all of the above is text, postmodernists then perform readings of marriages, politics, etc.

The idea that everything is text is, frankly, bonkers. Now, you might say that that's a pretty good one-word description of postmodernism, but I actually think declaring that everything is text is a pretty clever move. After all, if physics is text, then a Ph.D. in french literature makes you perfectly qualified to have strong opinions on Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. And "uncertainty principle" sounds really postmodern, too!

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John Althouse Cohen said...

You might enjoy the postmodern essay generator.

LemmusLemmus said...

I'd seen it before, but thanks for reminding me. I must admit I only skimmed the deconstruction of rationality in the work of Joyce, though.