Ten Great Songs from 1992

1. The The: True Happiness This Way Lies Everybody's always talking about the first two albums, but let's not forget that The The's fourth, Dusk, is also great. Here's the devastating opener.

2. Throwing Muses: Pearl On the contrary, Throwing Muses' Red Heaven, which this one is taken from, is not worth buying.

3. Suede: Metal Mickey The most underused ability pretty much all humans have is handclapping. Seriously! There's not enough of it in the world! To promote handclapping, I give you "Metal Mickey", an ideal song to clap along to.

4. Beastie Boys: Finger Lickin' Good Indeed.

5. Lou Reed: Harry's Circumcision Most of the rest of Lou Reed's very good album Magic and Loss is about death, so this is actually the feel-good track on it.

6. Sonic Youth: Wish Fulfillment More music should be like this.

7. Suzanne Vega: In Liverpool The memorable track from the underwhelming 99.9F.

8. Hallelujah Ding Dong Happy Happy: Lied für dich Sounds as though the composer had to pay for every different note used in the melody. Great lyrics!

9. Sebadoh: Brand New Love Could be even better if the silent bits were more silent and the loud ones louder. Someone should do a remix.

10. R.E.M.: Find the River To talk some more about albums, R.E.M.'s Automatic for the People has lots of tracks in the same league as this one.

Summary: Not the greatest collection of songs you'll find in this series; was it an album year?

As usual, the player below will fade some songs out prematurely. To avoid this, go to the list's homepage and click on the "play" sign next to the first song.

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