Pebbles, Vol. 15

1. Unconventional solutions to conventional concerns about immigration

2. Humorous round-ups of the Spanish and German football seasons (both links in English)

3. With companies like this, no wonder they have a mortgage crisis in the USA

4. "That is the crux: most homosexuals apparently do not desire a cure. A generation ago, the view that homosexuality should be treated not as a vice but as a disease was considered progressive." A 1966 Time article on homosexuals and homosexuality. (Pointer)

5. Choice anomalies outside the lab: Another one bites the dust. (Here's a short overview and discussion of the topic more generally in Science.)

6. Reasoning anomalies inside the lab: Conjunction fallacy? "Like most experimental studies of individual decision-making in the face of risk and uncertainty, the findings of Kahneman and Tversky indicate systematic errors committed by individuals acting in isolation and without monetary incentives, which is seldom the case in real life": Revisiting the Linda-the-bank-teller problem (pointer).

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