A Country Called Europe

They do things differently there.

On the Internet you will often find statements by Americans US citizens concerning a completely homogenous place called "Europe", which is often contrasted with "America". Common sense would suggest that the borders of "Europe" are the same as those of the continent commonly known by the same name. Yet it seems the term often does not include those portions of the continent that were under communist rule up until about 1990. According to inclusivists, on the other hand, Canada is a part of "Europe". What's "Europe" like, then? Some basic facts.

In Europe they have free schools (high school, college and university), free medicare (means you do not pay for medical services unless it's a complicated operation). [...] [B]esides having a 40 hrs/week schedule, they get 1 month vacation.

In Europe they have a wealth tax.

Civil Rights
In Europe they censor the press

Europeans love their online television

Europeans love IM

In Europe, they still love to light up.

[I]n Europe they have world-class rail systems, bike and pedestrian friendly cities and great transit systems.

Europeans love bicycles

For Europeans, Love, Yes; Marriage, Maybe

You have a large number of disaffected young Muslims in Europe.

Fixed shower heads. Annoyingly common in the US. In Europe they are only used in communal bathrooms.

In Europe[an basketball], they didn't have the great athletes so they always played together. They always focused on the team.

In America, they like heroes. In Europe, they don’t.

Sure sounds like an intriguing place. You should consider going for your next vacation. After all, it's free. Just use your imagination.

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