Found around Blogistan: Painting, Song

If you thought that after about a fortnight of not blogging I'd come back with a bang and post some long and insightful and funny piece that makes your brain go BLONK! and BLOP! and KAWOOOSH!, well, then you were thoroughly mistaken. Still have lots to do, so, in order to prove that I'm still alive, here are two bits of art that I found around Blogistan.

First, via Donald Pittenger at 2Blowhards, a painting called Closed Ramp, by Scott Aronson.

Very Hopperesque, innit? See the link for more, and here is Aronson's homepage.

Second, from The Factual Opinion's premature countdown of the best songs of the Noughties, M83's "Don't Save Us from the Flames":

Hope you enjoy one or both as much as I do. Next on this blog: "The General Problem of Philosophy, Psychology and Politics". Just joking, and not very well.

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