Around the Blogs, Vol. 31: 34 Years with Against Our Will

I would probably have to quit my job if I wanted to keep up with the commentary concerning the Polanski case that can be found around the web. Even so, a few links:

1. Ann Althouse picks apart Berndard-Henry Lévi's petition; her son John joins the fun.

2. Ace of Spades asks, taking an argument used by many of Polanski's defenders seriously, "What Crimes May Celebrites Commit, Based on Their Artistic Contributions?"

3. Will at The League of Ordinary Gentlemen thinks that " [t]he only 'divide' [concerning views on the case] is between people who recognize that child rape is a heinous crime (read: pretty much everyone, conservative, libertarian and liberal alike) and our amazingly blinkered media/film establishment" and has a general go at Polanski defenders.

I know what he means, yet it particularly baffles me how people supposedly on the left can rush to the director's defense. I mean, we're talking about a rape case involving a thirteen-year-old girl and a (i) rich, (ii) well-connected, (iii) white (iv) male.

You don't even have to do any thinking. Just tick the fucking boxes!

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