The Death Penalty

Everybody has an opinion on that one, no? Either it's "Yeah! Let the punishment fit the crime!" or "God, no! It's barbaric!" Now, I think it's fine to have emotional reactions to practices, but surely whether the death penalty saves lives, costs lives or is neutral in that respect should play a huge role in whether you support it, oppose it or take an agnostic position, no?

Where I live*, everyone opposes it. The only person I've ever met who advocated the death penalty (for O.J. Simpson specifically) was an American tourist. Seriously. If I wanted to, I could memorize the citations to some studies which suggest the death penalty saves lives and have a bit of fun arguing in its favour at the next party I'll go to. In theory, people could counter my arguments citing studies that suggest the death penalty does not save lives, or is even harmful in that respect ("brutalization effect"), which also exist. But of course people don't know those studies.

People. They're really not my type.

I may or may not be too agreeable a person to actually do this; we'll see about that.

Now, I know you come to this blog for the positive vibes. O.k.: Here's a photo of a puppy:

Feeling better?

*When I say "where I live" (and this goes for future posts as well), I don't just mean "Germany", but "where I live socially", i.e. the types of people I mingle with.

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dudleysharp said...

If you ever feel the need to argue for the death penalty.

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An even balance of information is important for considerations of any important public policy issue. I am hopeful that the following information will make a contribution to that effort.

Should you have any questions, please let me know. I am more than happy to assist in fact checking and will gladly respond to any challenges to my material.

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The 130 (now 135) death row "innocents" scam

"Cost Savings: The Death Penalty"

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