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Film week post #5

I've recently been using best lists a lot to select films to watch, mainly those from TSPDT (a sort of meta-analysis of critics lists, biased towards old films) and IMDb (general fans, biased towards new releases). My general impression so far has been that TSPDT is a little too high-brow for me, while IMDb is a little too low-brow. So I've constructed a list of pictures that made both lists, and here it is. Leaving aside the quirks of my own personal taste, and having seen 117 of the 155 movies on it, this is the one list I would recommend to someone who wants to get serious about her moviewatchin'. As it is, the order is taken from the IMDb list. A more sophisticated approach would have used some point system to get combined ranking based on both lists. Somebody else do it.

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