Rectangular Eyes

God willing, I will indeed review the rest of the movies I've seen this year on this blog, as promised a while back. To avert the occurence of such backlogs in the future, however, I've started a separate movie blog, called Rectangular Eyes, where I review newly seen films more or less in real time, starting with the ones I've seen from December 1st onwards. That's also where the reviews of my favourite films of the decade will be published once it's actually over. To even out all of the admiration for outstanding achievements, I'll also do a series to commemorate the worst-reviewed movies of the decade (according to Metacritic), collecting in each of ten posts some samples of what the critics had to say about these masterpieces. Read the introductory post here, the first installment on Tuesday or just use the Honouring the Worst Movies of the Noughties tag.

So, feel free to go over there and marvel at the spectacularly unimaginative choice for the header photo. The blog's name, by the way, is not some corny metaphor for the screen or some such thing, but rather refers to what German parents tell their children will happen if they watch too much TV: "Davon kriegst Du viereckige Augen" - "That'll make you get rectangular eyes."

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