Around the Blogs, Vol. 40: The Sexxx Edition!!!

1. Katja Grace: The utilitarian case against paternity testing. For caveats, see the very good comments, and I don't mean mine.

2. Drek: "So I recently became aware of a flash game promoted by the Middlesex-London Health Unit in Ontario, Canada. This game- playable here- is titled "Adventures in Sex City," and is more or less what Sin City would look like if it were a flash game produced by a health department." Do read the rest of the post here or, if you're feeling totally adventurous, play it yourself. I'm not.

3. Robin Hanson: Is the high prevalence of AIDS in Africa due to sexual behaviour or the reuse of needles by medical personnel?

4. "A reader": The concept of "heterohomophilia", or: Why lesbian porn?

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