Watching the following clip, which came via Lemuel's shared items, was a bit of a shocking experience:

It immediately took me back to 1998, which was the last time I watched British TV (with the exception of the odd footie match covered by Sky and watched in some Irish pub here in Germany). This might sound odd if you assume that I see shitloads of the same on German TV, but (a) living in Britain was the last time I lived with a TV and (b) German TV news segments look somehow different - I guess you could do the same thing for German news segments - I'm not really sure - but it wouldn't look like this.

The interesting point here is that the supposedly super-fast and ever-up-to-date TV people haven't come up with anything even remotely new during a time in which mainstream movies changed their look considerably (at least as long as we're talking action movies) and this internet thing took off, to name the two most obvious phenomena in this context. That's supposing (a) the above clip accurately portraits current British news coverage on TV and (b) my brain isn't tricking me here.

On (b), that's always a realistic possibility; on (a), if you see the above segment in larger context, it says that "in recent years", a different style is "sometimes" used for some topics. . .

. . . but if I understand this correctly, the standard format is still as in the short clip. Surprising.

Now you'll have to excuse me, I have a groundbreaking seven-volume novel to write.

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