The Road to Durban, #3: "Olé España"

Aw, shucks! It's less than a fortnight to go and I'm still in no World Cup mood to speak of. It is clearly time for some artificial anticipation enhancement.

As not every reader will be aware, between 1974 and 1994, German teams about to leave for the World Cup used to record an official topical songs with some second-string musician or musicians. The Church of Rationality is giving you the three worst examples, in order of ascending awfulness.

We start with Michael Schanze and (guess who) the German national football team presenting the installment for the 1982 tournament in Spain. The title is "Olé España", possibly inspired by the name of the relatively competent 1978 competent "Buenos Dias, Argentina", sung by Udo Jürgens.

The following is but an excerpt, but in my humble opinion, that's more than enough:

Awful music, awful haircuts, cool heading skills. No, I don't know who those blond women are. Germany finished 2nd that year.

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