Lost in the Funhouse

Having come across a lot of quotable stuff recently that I though was worth collecting in some way, but not wanting to litter these pages with "Quote of the Day"-type posts, I've decided to start yet another blog, consisting exclusively of quotes. It's called Lost in the Funhouse, like John Barth's famous short story.

Pretty much like this here blog, LITFH is going to offer quite a bit of breadth: Quotes from fiction and nonfiction, clever and stupid, about epistemology and football, from leaflets and canonical literature. I'm not going to look through Famous Quotations books, but rather just stick stuff in there that I come across during the course of my normal activities. Although it's described as "irregularly updated" in the "About this Blog" text, bidaily updates for the rest of this month are assured, and I wonder whether it'll continue like that. These days, it's a bit heavy on World Cup stuff, but that'll pass rather quickly.

Have a look and become the first visitor that's neither me nor Google.

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