Short Message, plus: Around the Blogs Vol. 50: The Empty-the-Folder Binge

There will be no or few new posts here until mid-month due to lotsa lotsa work. As this blog is probably the only source of reading material for most visitors, for the meantime there's an extra large helping of links.

1. So, what's up with that phrase "begging the question"? Mark Liberman knows.

2. Yvain has a vision of Robin Hanson's funeral.

3. Iconic photos gives us parodies thereof in The Simpsons.

4. Razib Khan on the correlation of the GSS's WORDSUM variable with proper IQ scores.

5. Matthew Rognlie on "The silliness of the Coase Theorem".

6. Scott Sumner reviews how US economic politics have become more libertarian during the last 50 years or so.

7. Andrew Hammel knows why you should binge-drink, at least if you're British.

8. Eric Crampton stops short of wondering whether Tobbacco is the new Child Porn.

9. Steve Sailer accuses Google of mucking up search results for political reasons.

10. Jennifer Rohn says scientists stand on the shoulders of midgets (via).

11. And this is perhaps my link of the year so far: Stefan Szymanski reports why Tony Blair supported the London Olympics, according to Tony Blair.

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Anonymous said...

2. Yvain has a vision of Robin Hanson's funeral.

This is hilarious and dead-on (no pun intended!). It also makes me wish there were a "like" or "favorite" feature for Blogger comments.