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. . . that's it for this year's blogging. Have an entertaining and injury-free new year's eve and day. I'm personally going to spend it in bed due to illness (nonserious; otherwise I wouldn't be writing this), but perhaps this means I'll finally get round to watching The Wizard of Oz, which has been sitting here for months. The DVD, I mean, not the wizard himself. Or herself? I may soon learn.

Just in time before the new year starts, I've found an inspiration for a new year's resolution. Here's a blog based on an idea so obvious and so obviously good that I'm ashamed for not having thought of it myself: Angry people in local newspapers (via). It suggests an interesting observation in comparative sociology: In Britain, pointing at the anger-inducing object in the newspaper photo appears to be optional, whereas here in Germany it's pretty much compulsory. In fact, I believe failure to point has been cited by lawyers of the defendant as evidence that no real harm was done. Even so, lots of quality work at the blog. Let me direct your attention to this gem in particular. I considered embedding the photo here, but it would constitute too much of a clash with the beautiful photo above, and (a) postmodern aesthetics my ass, (b) beauty is more important than humour. Perhaps I should expand one or both of these uncompromising statements into a book, or two books? But that's not my new year's resolution. My new year's resolution is to appear in the local newspaper, angrily pointing at a curb in need of repair, an invoice, or some such stressor. I'll keep you posted.

Tune in tomorrow at 09:00 CET for the fully written, prescheduled linkfest that is The Best Blogposts of 2010.

(Photo: schenkspfad by AndreasMass, via This Isn't Happiness [front page may contain NSFW content])

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