You Can See Where Freud Was Coming from

Hey, I've got a very learned post coming up about gender differences, causality and scientific methods. Once I get round to it. In the meantime, more weird videos.

So, here's what a friend of mine got for her birthday yesterday. It's called the Kackel-Dackel:

Before anyone gets funny ideas, no, I don't have underage "friends", it's just that people I know are very immature.

Anyway, Andrew Hammel, an American in Germany, might see this as another piece of evidence for his view that there is a "harrowing frankness about bodily functions displayed in Germany." However, the Dutch have the same thing; there it's called Takkie Kakkie:

Plus, there's Snotty Snotter:

I don't think I'll be rushing over the German-Dutch border to get my Snotty any time soon, but it certainly seems preferrable to the American alternative.

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