The Mind Projection Fallacy and the Significance of Blowjobs

You might think that he'd be happy to have her, and one missed blowjob isn't a big deal (apparently she fell asleep before he got to bed.) But that anger isn't about missing the blowjob. It's that she missed a blowjob, but for sure she never missed an opportunity to blow her past boyfriends. She liked giving them blowjobs. She was way more wild, sexual, open with the other guys. Why not him?

The Last Psychiatrist, "Why Is Mel Gibson So Angry?"

In the dawn days of science fiction, alien invaders would occasionally kidnap a girl in a torn dress and carry her off for intended ravishing, as lovingly depicted on many ancient magazine covers. Oddly enough, the aliens never go after men in torn shirts. Would a non-humanoid alien, with a different evolutionary history and evolutionary psychology, sexually desire a human female? It seems rather unlikely.

Elizer Yudkowsky, "Mind Projection Fallacy"

However, theories of sex differences may actually be where the form of evolutionary psychology’s reasoning most closely matches the classic positivistic ideal, in which a small number of premises deductively generate a large number of testable empirical implications. Roughly, because the absolute minimal investment required to bring a child into being is higher for women than men (compare gestation to ejaculation), females have more of their reproductive potential tied up in any one child.

Jeremy Freese, Jui-Chung Allen Li, and Lisa D.Wade, "The Potential Relevances of Biology to Social Inquiry" (pdf), p. 239

You connect the dots.

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Leigh Caldwell said...

And the conclusion is...Mel Gibson is an alien?