For Romantics

More here. And here's the academic paper that explains the joke.


Eric Crampton said...

Excellent. Hope the inside of that card says "And I'm the best you could have hoped for too, for similar reasons. Let us rejoice in the equilibrium of games of efficient sortition!

LemmusLemmus said...

I tried that last sentence as a pick-up line in the local pubs, but it didn't work. Seemed the ladies didn't even know what I was talking about and I heard at least one of them mutter, "egghead." Ah, what's an education good for?

Eric Crampton said...

@LemmusLemmus: That's the separating equilibrium strategy. Drive off anyone who wouldn't be fit to be your mate. Bad way to get a lot of dates, good way to make sure the wife you find is a good one.

Worked for me, but it's a high risk strategy.