Around the Blogs, Vol. 69: Fights and Nerves and Pain

Before we get started: It seems that recently an unusually high number of people googles how many sociologists does it take to change a light bulb or some variant thereof, which in many cases takes them here. Some of these people come from Britain or the U.S., but most are from Canada. What's going on? Anyone?

Now, your reading for the weekend:

1. Jeremy Freese, man of no shame

2. Why is moral philosophy so weird? (Eric Schwitzgebel) (via)

3. Why "Hit a nerve, have I?" is a stupid reply (Adam Kotsko) (and see here)

4. What does it feel like to win a fight? (Jules Aimé) (via)

5. Community vs. collectivism, a Rothbardian take (Eric S. Raymond)

6. Cochran and Harpending now have a blog, West Hunter.

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