Around the Blogs, Vol. 71

4. Axes of evil (funny) (Grant Snider)

7. The theory-driven way of developing theory (Bruce Charlton)

As usual, but this time especially, apologies to the people whose pointers I forgot to bookmark!


John Althouse Cohen said...

The vegan article is very weak. He looks only at the number of animals killed, which isn't the main concern for any vegetarian/vegan I've ever talked to (and I've talked to a lot). The far greater concern is the conditions in which the animals are kept throughout their life. If this is the best ethical argument against veganism, then there are no good ethical arguments against veganism.

LemmusLemmus said...

John: Can't agree with you, for the following reasons:

1. I don't think the article is an argument against veganism at all; rather, the writer argues that veganism doesn't do what vegans say it does, and that they hence have no claim to moral superiority.

2. He specifically refers to both animal deaths and suffering, although he doesn't discuss the latter in as much detail as one might hope for.

3. According to the way you describe veganism, a vegan should be A-OK with eating an animal that died of natural causes. But if you do that you are, by definition, not a vegan.