Around the Blogs, Vol 74: Stamps and Trees and Memories

1. Eric S. Raymond taxonomizes anti-intellectualism. Self-recommending, as they say.

2. Will Wilkinson reflects on the Occupy movement. Not sure I agree, but the post is excellently written. In fact, I have an inkling Wilkinson wasn't so sure he agreed with himself and hence took extra care with the wording.

3. A blog on football-themed stamps. Thank you, internet!

4. Seth Roberts goes to Tokyo.

5. Eric Crampton knows the solution to unemployment.

6. How long does it take schemas to distort your memories? Not very.

7. Keith Humphreys speculates on why self-involved people are overrepresented in the arts. Too much treatment, too little selection for my taste, but still. (via)

8. Tim Harford explains that government employees may create value, too.

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