Pebbles, Vol. 36

Your weekend reading:

1. In praise of economic inequality (Paul Graham)

2. Harald Martenstein über das Sammeln von Büchern

3. Killian Fox explains pretty well why 2001 is the best film ever made.

4. "Unfortunately, bypassing the need to articulate the conditions and assumptions on which validity of the construct rests, may lead to bypassing consideration of whether these conditions and assumptions legitimately apply." The Deceibo Effect (Beatrice Golomb)

5. Are false rape accusations widespread? (Wendy McElroy)

6. Carreer advice: How to selectively report procedures and findings for publishability in psychology journals. Short, accessible academic paper (pdf) by Joseph P. Simmons, Leif D. Nelson and Uri Simonsohn.

7. What is it like to have an understanding of very advanced mathematics? (via)

8. Environmental catastrophe forecasts that didn't pan out. (Maxim Lott)

9. Insanity as rational choice given unusual preferences. Academic paper (pdf) by Bryan Caplan; of philosophical interest.

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