Life Is Wasted on the Living

Here's a conversation you might run into sooner or later. Person complains about job. Yeah, you say, wouldn't it be great if they'd just send you the money and you didn't have to come in? No, that would be awful, person says. Oh, so on balance he enjoys his job? No, no, the job's crap, but without it, person would be too bored.

Too bored? Jesus! Here's an idea. Person works more hours, is even less bored. Sends extra money to me, so I can stay home and read books, watch films, blog, listen to music or my thoughts, stroll down the street, meet people, etc., etc. Pareto improvement!

Really, if you don't know, on a regular basis, what to do with yourself, why doesn't that make you wonder whether there's something wrong with your brain? Serious question.

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